bigger packing for bigger production

Business Efficiency – Go BIG for Maximum Productivity

Ashraf Plastic Works Provides you with the facility of choosing various packing options. From 10 inch hight Spools to 18inch hight spools, and the ability to have custom ODs of  up-to 500mm spooling material you can have up-to 6 times the material on one spools as comparing to regular Cable filler packing spools.

The benefits of larger format packings are that you have less hassle of stoping the cabling machine and change filler yarn, that ultimately increases the production run time and lessons wastage of materials.

Large Formate vs Small Formate

For materials that are slit, spooling the converted material offers valuable advantages over traditional pad slit rolls, because spools hold much more material than pads.

End-product manufacturers using pads have to load them much more often during production runs, and each swap-out requires splicing the new pad onto the end of the old one. Compared with spools, the pad process wastes more material before and after the splice and can require machinery downtime to complete the transfer.

Go BIG for the long run.

Finally,Our BigFoot Spools enables Cable manufacturers to process materials up to 25x as long without interruption, when compared to Smaller rolls. This increases throughput, reduces material handling, and the potential for human error. Hence the results are BIG:

  • A greater yield
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced labor downtime
  • Reduced Material waste
  • Additional uptime for production equipment




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