Cable Filler Yarn

Our Cable filler yarn is manufactured with high precision and industry-wide known manufacturing standards. So that uniform consistency is ensured to meet the unique cable needs of our customers. 

Listed below are general Cable Fillers. LSHF FR Filler Yarns (Low Smoke Halogen Free Fire Retardant Filler Yarn) and Water blocking yarns are also being manufactured for cable filling solutions, please get in touch with us to have details.

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Cable Filler Yarn

PP Cable Filler Yarn

Two types of verities are being manufactured by us according to the market demand;
1. High Grade
2. Super Grade

High Grade

This filler yarn is manufactured with a combination of PP and CaCo3 raw materials, which makes it cheaper and increases its size in deniers. It can go up-to 800,000 deniers and have a diameter up to 30mm. High-Grade filler yarn has low tenacity value that is why it’s suitable for larger cables, most XPLE Cable manufacturers use High-Grade filler yarn.

Super Grade

Our Super Grade Cable Filler Yarn is a lightweight, lower-cost, highly adaptable alternative to other filling materials. Super Grade Filler Prevents wicking and water absorption, Resists acids, alkalies, and mildew and Generates higher yields than any other natural or synthetic fiber.

With complete control over the production process from raw material to finished fiber, we can customize Super Grade Filler to your unique specifications, including Custom-matched colors, Fibrillation levels, and fiber diameter/density, Tensile strength, toughness, and elongation.

For Other Size Please Contact us.

Packing Details

Tube & Bobbin Sizes

Our Superior Packing service ables us to provide cable filler on large formate spools that support longer production runs for cable manufactures, which eliminates the need to stop the machine and change the filler yarn spool frequently, ultimately decreasing production time and increasing efficiency of cable manufactures.

Contact us for other custom packing solutions.

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