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If you are searching for filling fiber for your cable manufacturing, then we have a range of yarn varying in size and diameter. Ashraf plastics is Pakistan’s largest filling yarn producer. You will find a comprehensive detail of our quality products, and then you can find the solution for your manufacturing among some of our reliable and trusted stock. Here is Why the Quality of Cable Filler is Important to you!

Our cable filler yarn is made with high preciseness and quality standards. These cables provide you the best filling solutions for your cables. We produce our yarn by keeping in mind the need of the customer. The product ensures Uniformity and unique consistency for the filling.

We manufacture three different types of fillers to meet the need of your business. The general filling cable is among the high demand product of Ashraf plastics. However, LSHF FR Filler Yarns (Low Smoke Halogen Free Fire Retardant Filler Yarn) and Water blocking yarns are also being produced for providing some filling yarn with extra features and security to your transmission cable. 

Polypropylene (PP) cable filling yarn

WE offer two types of pp cable fillers as of market demand. 

  1. High Grade
  2. Super Grade

High grade

High-grade filler yarn is made with Polypropylene (PP) and Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3) raw materials. The use of Calcium carbonate makes it cost-efficient for minimizing your filling amount. Also, it increases the size of the fiber and makes up-to 800,000 deniers. 

Besides the reduced cost, High grade has a lower unit weight and no joint inside. These marks the yarn as a perfect filling choice for all kinds of cables such as pipework systems, domestic water piping, hydronic radiant heating, and cooling systems, and insulation for high tension electrical cables.

Specification Unit High Grade
Linear Density Denier(D) 20,000 – 800,000
Diameter mm 3 – 30
Breaking Strength g/D 0.6 – 1.4
Elongation %
Heat Shrinkage(100°C,1min) %
Color White

Super grade

In Polypropylene (PP) yarn manufacturing, we have a high-quality filling material, the super grade material. Made with 100% polypropylene plastic, it is superior over other filling alternatives. The super grade is a wicking fabric that prevents moisture and water absorption hence giving your cables a protected and secured cover by neglecting the chances of water interference. Moreover, the yarn is acids, mildew, and alkalies resistant. It has no joints and excellent tensile strength. Super grade, therefore, offers a higher result than any other natural or synthetic fiber. 

Specification Unit Super Grade
Linear Density Denier(D) 3,800 – 200,000
Diameter mm 0.8 – 8
Breaking Strength g/D 2 – 3.5
Elongation % ≥ 40
Heat Shrinkage(100°C,1min) % ≤ 10
Color Transparent, Blue, Black, etc.

Low Smoke Halogen Free FR PP Filler Yarn for Flame Resistance Cable

We also manufacture Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant PP filler yarn for filling inside special cables and Flame Resistance cable. Its high breaking strength and low smoke, Halogen less than 1000PPM. It can be a twist or non-twist, available in many customized colors.

We offer flame resistance yarn in all customer size requirements, fibrillated, or non-split. 

Water blocking yarns

Our Water blocking yarn is cost-effective and can be used ideally as the superabsorbent in telecommunication and power cables. In fact, Water is the most likely cause of timely failure for cable and electrical equipment. The product ensures reliable security of cables by preventing the dissipation of water and moisture. They are also available in bobbins to meet every type of manufacturing requirements. This yarn can be wrapped around the core and/or placed along with the length for the protection of the cable. The way can minimize the capital of filling. Water blocking yarn can tolerate high temperatures as well, sometimes experienced during cable operations. For more products, visit the top 7 filler yarn types.

Packaging details

Tubes and Bobbins sizes

Our Superior Packing service enables us to provide cable filler on large format spools that support longer production runs for cable manufactures, which eliminates the need to stop the machine and change the filler yarn spool frequently. Ultimately, resulting in decreasing production time and increasing efficiency of cable manufactures. Also, the package of small reels is available as per your needs. 

Size Packing A Packing B
Tube Height (mm) 255 460
Tube ID (mm) 52, 75 52, 75
OD (mm) 180 – 300 300 – 500
Weight (kg) 2.5 – 8 15 – 40

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