Cable filler being used in laying machine

When Was the last time when you gave your filler yarn some attention? If you are like most of the cable designers, it was probably when you first specified it for your product.

The filler is a strategic component in your hi-performance cable construction that makes it robust and helps maintain the shape and appearance of it for greater performance and marketability.

Upgrading the newer types of filler yarn will bring you more efficiency in cable performance along with the service that some suppliers provide, talking about the service of suppliers, it has outplaced the existing functionalities that many cable manufacturers have considered to be the industry standards.

Modern cable filler manufacturers have brought a new generation of products to markets in these few recent years. The Higher performing cable filler yarns are better equipped to address the trends and challenges that the modern cables are facing today, like the need for greater resilience, the increased use of superconductors in power cables, new market demand for smaller cables and more economical cable sizes and high safety standards of cables.

When talking about safety on cables, flame retardancy comes to mind. Now flame retardant cable fillers are available to aid the power and energy cables to meet emerging regulations to cover strong fire controlling performance.

Despite all these benefits, the spec work, approvals, and protocols that cable manufacturers have to follow are perceived as more worthy than the potential benefits of making the change. There is some inherent risk in changing the cable component that makes you neglect the need for change. The “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mindset comes to play. But the convenient adage overlooks the risk of being constant with what very well be an inferior alternative When better solutions that present supply chain and cost efficiency exist.

The fact is that with superior fillers and expert business services like us are available to minimize your risk and maximize the benefits, its time to seriously rethink your wire and cable fillers.

Ashraf Plastic work is a paradigm for service and total solutions. We are here to help you with cable engineering assistance. From selecting the filler size, type and specs for virtually any cable design, with superior inventory service that can shorten the supply chain by holding critical inventory in-stock all times, so that the filler product gets drop-shipped to our loyal customers when demand surges. Which eliminates the order/manufacturing/fulfillment testing chains and cutting down the delivery time from weeks to a single day. Other than this our superior packing service ables us to provide fillers on large format spools that support longer production runtime to the cable manufacturers.

Being a host of all these services it reduces product performance risk, streamline inventories and speed the deliveries, that all make us more cost-effective supplier for cable filler yarn than others.

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