Cable Filler Yarn

If you are searching for the best yarn for your sewing or industrial use, we have brought some descriptions you should know before purchase. These Eight yarns are the most used types. 

(1) Cotton filler yarn

The cotton yarn has a long list of its uses. Because of Cotton’s abundancy and advantages, it is used in garments such as T-shirts, blue jeans, dresses, sweats. By combining Cotton and Silk, an item of shiny and robust clothing is created that will last and endure years of wear and tear. Polypropylene filler yarn


  • Absorbency Cotton fabrics are very absorbent because there is enough space between the cotton fibers.
  • Holds color well Due to its porous nature, Cotton is natural to dye and can be made into a variety of colors.
  • Breathing the fiber structure of Cotton makes it more breathable than synthetic fibers.
  • No stable grip Cotton does not conduct electricity, so static Cotton is not a problem.


  • The cotton rug is a bit expensive.
  • It wears down faster than the polymer.
  • It is prone to shrinking.

(2)Polyethylene yarn

Polyethylene yarn (PE) is used in cables. It is made of polymerized polyethylene units. PE has Low specific gravity or it floats on water. Extremely low humidity is restored in PE yarns. Also, it dries quickly. One more unique feature of PE yarn is that it is Mildew and insect resistant. Polyethylene filling yarn is a good alternative as it is Abrasion and Sunlight resistant. It is brilliant in resistance to acids and bases. 


  • PE as of low to moderate hazard. PE is dope-dyed; no water is used in its dyeing, in contrast with Cotton.
  • Polyethylene is a degradable substance. Its chain degradation occurs on the exposure to temperatures above 100 °C.

(3)Aramid filler yarn

Aramid is a synthetic fiber manufactured from a fiber-forming material long-chain synthetic polyamide. It has low flammability, high tenacity, and flexibility. Aramid is resistant to heat and scrape. 

(4)Glass filler yarn

Cable Filler Yarn

Glass yarn is another great alternative for PP filler yarn. It is a silica-based material, is a natural fiber, but useful to fiberglass as yarn. Fiberglass breaks very easily and is difficult to work with. It does not absorb water and is very short in length. However, it is very strong when the fibers are in an oriented direction. Glass yarn is fairly resistant to acids, heat, chemicals, and bases. It is very economic versus other alternative products within this service segment at the wire and cable sector. 

(5) Jute Yarn

Jute yarn is made organically and is used with low speed cable manufacturing lines. It has low tenacity and is not acid proof and absorbs water.

(7) Paper Yarns

Paper yarn is made from craft paper and is one of the most recyclable materials. It is twisted in S or Z twists.


Polyester is used for small size cables, specially optical cables where the small size yarn is to be needed for vacant spaces. Polyester is made in multifilament formats where smaller threads and twisted together to make the desired yarn size. Its high tenacity and can support fast line productions.


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Cable Filler Yarn

Cable filler yarn in Pakistan

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If you are searching for filling fiber for your cable manufacturing, then we have a range of yarn varying in size and diameter. Ashraf plastics is Pakistan’s largest filling yarn producer. You will find a comprehensive detail of our quality products, and then you can find the solution for your manufacturing among some of our reliable and trusted stock. Here is Why the Quality of Cable Filler is Important to you!

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Polypropylene filler yarn

Polypropylene filler yarn in Pakistan

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Polypropylene filler yarn

Ashraf plastic works is a leading cable filler material manufacturer in Pakistan. We have a variety of filler yarns in production ranging in different sizes and packages to best suit your cable manufacturing business. Our Polypropylene filler yarn production is high quality and reliable solution for all kinds of cables and insulation for high tension electrical cables.

bigger packing for bigger production

Large Formate Spooling. Is It Worthy?

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Business Efficiency – Go BIG for Maximum Productivity

Ashraf Plastic Works Provides you with the facility of choosing various packing options. From 10 inch hight Spools to 18inch hight spools, and the ability to have custom ODs of  up-to 500mm spooling material you can have up-to 6 times the material on one spools as comparing to regular Cable filler packing spools.

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  • […] Our Water blocking yarn is cost-effective and can be used ideally as the superabsorbent in telecommunication and power cables. In fact, Water is the most likely cause of timely failure for cable and electrical equipment. The product ensures reliable security of cables by preventing the dissipation of water and moisture. They are also available in bobbins to meet every type of manufacturing requirements. This yarn can be wrapped around the core and/or placed along with the length for the protection of the cable. The way can minimize the capital of filling. Water blocking yarn can tolerate high temperatures as well, sometimes experienced during cable operations. For more products, visit the top 7 filler yarn types. […]

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